What To Expect When You Hire A Personal Injury Law Firm?

What To Do After a Car Accident - Part 6

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How do you win a personal injury case?

Parties who prevail in personal injury cases are represented by counsel who proves the liability of the other party or parties as well as marshal evidence to prove the seriousness of both your past and further damages. Proper compensation includes out-of-pocket expenses as well as non-economic damages like pain and suffering, as well as the aggravation of having to endure not only the accident but the treatment and recovery from your injuries.

What happens when a personal injury claim goes to court?

All personal injury cases are litigated but very few actually end up in a trial. It is important however that your personal injury attorney handle every case with the idea that it may need to be resolved inside of a courtroom. The attorneys at Arthofer & Tonkin are skilled litigators who can take your case all the way through trial if necessary. Call or contact us for a free consultation on your matter today.

How long do personal injury claims take to settle?

Personal injury claims can resolve in a few months or may take several years to resolve depending on a number of factors including the severity of the injuries, the length of the recovery, and the potential need to use the litigation process to convince the defendant and any insurers of the level of the appropriate compensation due to the injured party.


This is the last part of the video series that we have put together about what to do after being involved in an accident. In part one, we talked about making sure that you do not make a bad situation worse when you are at the accident scene. Stay safe. That might mean, for example, if you are in a car accident, staying in your car with a seat belt on, or it may mean moving yourself or your vehicle out of traffic. Then we talked about getting appropriate medical care right away. It would be best if you got the treatment you need to get better. After that, we discussed in video three the importance of preserving evidence at an accident scene if you can do so safely without further injury to yourself. Moreover, in four, we talked about not talking to insurance companies until you have had a chance to consult with an appropriate attorney, like the attorneys here at Arthofer & Tonkin.

And in our last video, part five, we talked about what to expect when you call a personal injury law firm and what to expect at the consultation. Our first consultation here on personal injury matters is free. Now, in part six, we are going to outline in extensive terms what you can expect once you have hired a personal injury attorney. It would be impossible to tell you every detail of every case because cases are as broad and varied as people are as broad and varied. Nevertheless, we have a saying. We like the saying so much, and it’s so true to what we do here that we even made it part of our firm’s website, and you can read it right there, it is you focus on getting better and trust us with the rest.

Litigation to the uninitiated, untrained, and un-experienced law firm is a nightmare. Personal injury litigation is all we do here at Arthofer and Tonkin. It is what we are best at. We have over 60 years of combined experience handling. We know what we are doing and can help you with your case. You leave the litigation to us and you focus on getting better. That means you get the medical care that you need. If you are struggling with medical billing issues, insurance issues, and medical bills, we can try and guide you through that process and help you get that care. The number one goal has to be you to get better. You were not planning on getting hurt. You were not planning on getting in an accident, so you have to get better to get back to life the way it was before the accident. Now, let me be frank with you, some injuries are so severe that you will never be the same as you were before the accident. We are good at helping with those cases too. We want to walk side by side with you through what is a difficult time in your life, and we want to help you to get back to the spot where you were before the accident, or if that is not possible, to get maximum recovery so that you can get back to life as best as possible. The way that we do that is we manage the litigation, we deal with the insurance companies.

We deal with the lawyers, we deal with putting the evidence together, which is everything from experts, to vehicles, to video footage, to trial exhibits, and we help deal with your medical providers who are important components to your case and putting evidence forward, we talk to your doctors, we prepare them as necessary for insurance claims, mediations, arbitrations, and if necessary, trial. We are vigorous advocates here at Arthofer and Tonkin. So after you have made your consultation and you have hired your attorney, you need to know that we are going through that process with you, whether it be short or long, simple or complex, we are going to walk through it side by side with you. Give us a call for the consultation today to learn more about the details of your matter and talk to you about what to expect.

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