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Our attorneys have experience in a wide range of personal injury cases, from car accidents to wrongful death. We will work diligently with you to gather evidence, hire expert witnesses, and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. Our goal is to maximize your recovery from loss due to injury or accident.

We understand the importance of making sure you receive proper compensation, and we will work hard to ensure that happens. Our attorneys have years of experience, and we are familiar with the local laws to help win your case. We will do whatever it takes to protect your rights and get you the best possible outcome.

Stress relief is just as important to us as a successful outcome, so we will do everything in our power to ensure you have peace of mind throughout the entire process—starting with a free consultation.

We understand the mental and financial stress of personal injury cases and are committed to providing you with outstanding service, personalized representation, and good communication every step of the way.

At Arthofer & Tonkin Law Offices, we believe in taking a client-focused approach to each case. Prioritizing communication and striving to ensure our clients understand their rights and the process every step of the way. With a track record of success, our experienced attorneys will give your case the highest opportunity for success.

Personal Injury Claims

If you have been injured in an accident, it is important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. The sooner we can work with you to build your case, the better—so that we can work on getting you a favorable outcome. Our law firm will help you identify all of your legal options and guide you through the process of filing a claim.

Person driving a car. Icon Personal Injury

Vehicle/Car Accidents

Auto accidents can be complex cases and require detailed evidence collection and understanding. Our attorneys have a great deal of experience with motor vehicle accidents and can help you determine negligence and liability.

Being injured in a car accident can leave you feeling physically and mentally overwhelmed, on top of all the legal hoops to jump through. That's where we come in. With years of combined experience helping those who have been hurt in a car, motorcycle, truck, bus, bicycle, ATV, or boat accident, we can provide the skilled advocacy you need to secure compensation for your injuries and help you regain peace of mind on your road to recovery.

Let us take care of everything else so you can get back on track.

Common causes:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Bus & Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Boating Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • ATV Accidents
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Vehicle/Car Accidents
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Serious Personal Injuries

Serious personal injuries have become all too common in the US. Accident victims often suffer long-term consequences, and injuries can cause considerable disruption, leading to loss of wages, job insecurity, and costly medical bills.

If you have suffered a serious injury due to someone else's negligence, we can help build a case to get you justice and the compensation you deserve. The Arthofer & Tonkin Law Offices team understands the complexities, and we are here to provide reliable help with each step of your journey—no matter how difficult or complicated it may be.

Common causes:

  • Spine & Back Injuries
  • Head & Brain Injuries
  • Dog Bites
  • Paralysis
  • Burn Injuries
  • Amputations
  • Defective Products
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Serious Personal Injuries
Cemetery with trees and graves. Icon Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

When a person dies as a result of the negligence or recklessness of another, that individual's survivors may be able to bring a wrongful death lawsuit. A wrongful death claim can provide compensation for medical expenses, funeral costs, lost wages, and the pain and suffering of the deceased's loved ones.

The death of a loved one is often difficult to process, and when it occurs unexpectedly or as the result of another's carelessness or negligence, grief and shock can seem unbearable. The legal framework surrounding wrongful death cases presents its own complications, such as insurance coverage and liabilities, that can make obtaining proper justice daunting.

At our office, we have assembled a team of exceptional professionals to accurately assess your circumstances and provide support throughout the entire process. We understand the immense hardships you are facing and strive to provide compassion and comfort, knowing that we will fight hard for your rights.

Common causes:

  • Drunk Drivers
  • Work-Related Accidents
  • Criminal Acts
  • Workplace Illness
  • Animal or Dog Attack
  • Improper Safety Procedures
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Wrongful Death
Empty room with a portable stair. Icon Liability

Premises Liability

Property owners must ensure that their premises are safe for their visitors and residents. When unsafe conditions on a property result in injury or damage to another person, the owner may be held liable through negligence. If you have been injured on someone else's property due to the owner's negligence, you may be able to receive compensation.

Our attorneys can investigate the incident and build an effective case to get you justice.

We strive to get satisfactory results for all clients that are affected by hazardous circumstances, including on business, private, and municipal properties. Through diligent research and meticulous preparation, our team has been able to ensure that our clients receive the justice they deserve.

Common causes:

  • Slip & Fall Accidents
  • Tripping Accidents
  • Uncontrolled Pets
  • Construction Site Injuries
  • Dangerous Condition of Property
  • Lack of Security
  • Maintenance Issues
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Premises Liability

The #1 Personal Injury Law Office in Redding

We take a client-first approach to personal injury law at Arthofer & Tonkin Law Offices and understand that this can be a difficult time.

Here are some reasons to choose us for legal representation in your case:

  • Our attorneys have a proven track record of success in achieving positive outcomes for our clients in a wide range of personal injury cases.
  • We understand the complex ins and outs involved in personal injury cases and are prepared to navigate them on your behalf.
  • We know how to negotiate effectively with insurance companies.
  • We are here to help you every step of the way so you can have peace of mind through the process.
  • We are an advocate for you and will fight for your rights.
  • Our priority is to obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

Why Choose Arthofer & Tonkin Law Offices

The guiding principles of the Arthofer & Tonkin Law Offices are integrity, compassion, and excellence. Our office does not just give lip service to these ideals, we live them out in the way we handle each and every case regardless of its size. When you come in for your free consultation on your personal injury matter, you will see the level of personal attention that your case will be given.

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Personal Injury Testimonials in California

We have worked with many clients, each with their own unique personal injury case.

Here is what some of them had to say about their experience with us:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a personal injury lawyer will go to court if needed. Keep in mind the majority of cases are settled out of court and do not require a trial or lengthy litigation. However, there are certain instances where a case will go to trial. This is why it is crucial to work with an attorney who is experienced in both settlement and trial proceedings to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your case.

The average settlement for a personal injury case varies depending on the severity of the injuries, the number of damages claimed, and other factors. In addition, the amount of compensation is based on what each individual feels is fair for their specific case. Rest assured that our team will help advise you on the best course of action to ensure you receive just compensation for your case.

When it comes to personal injury cases, many individuals may be unsure of how quickly they need to make a claim. In general, filing a claim as soon as possible after the accident occurs is best to protect your rights and preserve evidence. There are some cases, however, where you may only have a limited amount of time to file. You should consult with an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your unique case.

Personal injury attorneys are lawyers who specialize in representing individuals who have been injured as a result of another person's negligence. They may represent clients in negotiations with insurance companies or take cases to court if a settlement cannot be reached.

The main focus of personal injury attorneys is to help clients get the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Due to their expertise, they can more effectively defend your rights.

Hiring a personal injury attorney can be a wise decision. An experienced attorney can help negotiate with insurance companies and make sure you receive proper compensation for your injuries. They will also be able to advise you on your rights and help protect your interests during the legal process.

Not hiring a personal injury attorney can significantly reduce the value of your claim and leave you with less money than you are owed.

It is difficult to put a price on the value of an attorney who can help you through a personal injury case.

We here at Arthofer & Tonkin Law Offices are confident in our ability to achieve positive outcomes on behalf of our clients. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid once you win your case. This means you don't have to worry about paying any fees upfront and can focus on recovering from your injuries. Expect us to fight for every last dollar you are entitled to—every time.

When looking for a personal injury attorney, it is important to find someone who understands the local laws and has experience working with similar cases. You want to ensure that your lawyer is highly experienced and knowledgeable about the legal process. Lacking these qualities can result in a less successful outcome.

At Arthofer & Tonkin Law Offices, we have years of experience handling personal injury cases. Our team is dedicated to fighting for your rights and ensuring you get the highest level of compensation possible in a timely manner.

Insurance companies are businesses, and as such, their goal is to make a profit. In order to do this, they will often attempt to settle personal injury cases for as little money as possible. This means that you may be offered a settlement that is far lower than what you are entitled to. It is important to have a seasoned attorney represent you during negotiations with the insurance company so that you can get the best possible compensation.

If a settlement cannot be reached, your attorney can take your case to court and fight to make sure you receive proper compensation. Doing so could mean the difference between receiving a fair settlement and getting taken advantage of.

In the event that you have been injured by the negligence of another person, you should seek assistance as soon as possible. Finding a qualified personal injury attorney can be difficult, and making sure you are being properly compensated is even more challenging

The seasoned lawyers at Arthofer & Tonkin Law Offices are dedicated to helping individuals who have been injured due to the negligence of another person or company. With countless clients who have trusted us with their own or loved ones' personal injuries, we take pride in the results we've been able to achieve on behalf of our clients.

There are many types of personal injury claims, but some of the most common include automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, and product liability. Each type of claim has its own unique set of circumstances and evidence requirements.

Understanding the circumstances of your case and the evidence required to prove liability is critical to success in a personal injury claim. Circumstantial evidence must be used to prove that the other party was negligent. Evidence can include medical records, photographs of the accident scene, witness statements, and more. Having an experienced personal injury attorney on your side can make the process of gathering the necessary evidence much easier.

Contact us. We'll be glad to help you.

At Arthofer & Tonkin Law Offices, we are dedicated to providing our clients with compassionate and experienced representation.

Making sure you receive proper compensation can be challenging and overwhelming after an accident, and we are here to help. Our law firm can provide you with the best personal injury attorney in Redding, California. Contact us now.

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