5 Stars When I think of Arthofer & Tonkin Law Offices, words come to mind like, ‘Excellence,’ ‘Integrity’ or, ‘Personal’ . . . My experience with this firm was superior in every way, including a successful outcome. The attention to detail, and the communications process with me were superior. They are reliable, experienced, and very personable. I would recommend them (and have) to anyone looking for excellent legal representation.
— Ken J.
5 Stars These guys are very good at what they do. I felt like they cared about the outcome of my situation and did not just see me as "another check" as can be the case with others in this profession. I would highly recommend their services.
— Matt W.
5 Stars I had been in an accident that left me hospitalized and unable to care for myself for quite some time. While in the hospital I realized with all the medical and legal issues that come with an accident I needed to hire an attorney to speak and act on my behalf and I'm so glad I did as I was down, unable to walk for almost 6 months and had many surgeries to follow. After speaking on the phone with Griffith Tonkin I felt immediately at ease and as though everything was going to be well taken care of and I could focus on healing, resting and physical therapy. To have an attorney that would not only fight for me but also listen to all of the needs and concerns of myself and my family has been a comfort and a blessing especially in this crucial time. Tonkin and his entire staff have been amazing. I can't thank them enough as they are all very kind and thorough to try to help me and any of my needs!! I can't say enough about this law firm and what they have all done for us. I 100% RECOMMEND THIS OFFICE!!! THANK YOU GRIFF AND ASSOCIATES!!
— Angie P.
5 Stars Ken Arthofer was referred to me by a family member after I was rear ended just days before my due date. Ken got our claim settled efficiently and for a lot more than we had expected. His hard work took the huge financial and emotional stress off of our family during that difficult time. More recently, our infant son was injured as a result of someone's negligence, and Ken, once more helped relieve us of the financial and emotional burden the situation placed on our family. Each legal process has been quick and painless for us. He really does put in a ton of hard work so that we don't have to. I'm grateful for his thoroughness and attention to detail, and I appreciate that he involves us fully and gives us updates every step of the way. Ken is very professional but also very personal and his compassion and desire to do what's right for the client makes him one of a kind. All of the office staff and his assistant, Shelly, are truly wonderful. They always call us by name and promptly answer phone calls and emails if we have questions. I hope we don't have any future need for Ken's services, but if we do, he will be the first person we call!
— Allison T.
5 Stars Ken and Griff are both great attorneys. As a local chiropractor, I come across a lot of auto accident cases. It has been difficult to find competent, dedicated personal injury attorneys in Redding that I can refer my patients to. Ken and Griff are both very thorough, intelligent personal injury attorneys. They are courteous to me, my staff, and my patients. They follow up in a timely manner with any questions I have about a case. A bad attorney could cost a client thousands of dollars at settlement. You need a team of attorneys that have your best interests at heart and are willing to fight for you. If you are looking for personal injury representation. Look no further. You will be in good hands at Arthofer and Tonkin Law Offices.
— Arron S.
5 Stars I was in an accident 2 years ago and needed to hire a Lawyer. I was referred by a friend to Griff. Griff knows what he is doing. He knows his field and he has his client's best interests at heart. He is professional, thorough, and you can rest assured that you are receiving the best legal representation.
— Chris M.
5 Stars I admit to having a bad attitude about lawyers in general. It started with my Dad who had a very bad experience with lawyers and we've all heard the jokes. When a big rig crashed into my Mercury Capri convertible causing me to spin across interstate five and roll over in the median I knew I needed a lawyer. Fortunately, I called the office of Arthofer & Tonkin. I spoke to Megan, a legal assistant for the firm. After taking all my information and questions about Ken Arthofer she assured me of his honesty and excellent record of service. I am happy to report she was right! I had very good council and satisfactory results from choosing Ken Arthofer to represent me in this matter. I would highly recommend the firm to anyone needing the services of an attorney.
— Dave S.
5 Stars As a former client, Arthofer and Tonkin possess strong integrity and truly care for the people they represent. When it comes to legal counsel/representation, integrity could not be more important and so it is refreshing to find a law office that sincerely puts the needs/desires of the client above all else.
— John L.
5 Stars Our family would like to thank everyone that worked on our case at Arthofer & Tonkin. Griff, you and your team have been very diligent, patient, and most of all very professional in the past 4 years with us. You guided us through a very difficult and overwhelming situation for our family and walked with us from beginning to end. Our case was a special and difficult one due to the many complexities, hurdles, and agencies involved. You dealt with them one by one and handled it like a true professional. Ultimately, in the end, you secured a settlement that would provide for our family for the years to come. Thanks again for all your hard work, and we wish you all the very best. Our family will never forget what you've done for us.
— Kara B.
5 Stars Griff and his team are always my first choice when I need help with a question or matter. Being a client of their firm has been a tremendous benefit to my family. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking experts in their field.
— Gordon D.
5 Stars Mr. Tonkin helped me out tremendously with everything I needed and provided me with many helpful insights and tips! Also, the ladies in the office are an absolute joy to speak with, they are always super kind and very respectful being that I am so young!
— S. W.
5 Stars Professional, Honest Lawyer worth hiring. We started a claim with our insurance company and started having problems from the very beginning. Three months into the claim the insurance company refused to return phone calls and emails; that's when we hired Mr. Griffith Tonkin. Griff listened to our story and after reviewing our paperwork, agreed to represent us. Griff was very clear from our initial interview what the financial costs were and what the ongoing litigation expenses were going to be. Griff and/or his staff always returned our phone calls or emails within 24 hours. Whenever we met with Griff, he took his time explaining the issues of where our claim was but also the next few steps into the case. We received a monthly statement which, upon our review, accurately described what Griff and his staff had worked on for our case. As time went by, we found Griff and his staff to be attentive to our claim. Griff explained the pros and cons of our case every time we met with him. There were times when we, ourselves, began to doubt that our claim would ever be resolved. Griff was always encouraging and never gave up his resolve to see it through to a satisfactory conclusion. As the time came closer to a resolution to our case, Griff continued to be encouraging and supporting of us. Griff (and his staff) was a major reason our case was resolved satisfactorily to both parties. Griff and his staff were always professional, honest, courteous and punctual in all of the facets of our long-term case. He represented us well during all of the meetings and in the Mediation meeting. Based on our experience during this litigation process, my wife and I would highly recommend Mr. Griffith J. Tonkin to represent you!!!
— Bob
5 Stars Griff represented both my husband and I in an automobile accident claim. Though he never made any promises, Griff was able to settle our cases successfully. He was very forthcoming with what we could expect and though our case was trying at times, he remained professional and very patient. Our case involved a 3x drunk driver who hit us and was covered by a step-down auto policy. We tried to settle on our own with the other insurance but this proved unsuccessful. Griff was able to make contact with the other person's insurance and resolved our case in what we considered to be a short amount of time. He and his staff respond to messages left in a very timely manner and are on all levels, professional. They are well spoken and maintain a positive demeanor every day of the week, no matter the time of day. Griff and his staff worked very hard to attain the best outcome possible for us considering the given the limitations. We are extremely satisfied with both the outcomes of our cases as well as the level of dedication. We would absolutely recommend Griff to anyone in need of an honest lawyer who is dedicated, educated, and committed to excellence.
— Amber V.
5 Stars Our family had problem with an easement. We knew what our rights were, but apparently the neighbors did not. They made a very big deal out of nothing. Mr. Arthofer was able to block them at every turn. He was able to bifurcate the main issue from the other several false accusations and then prevail in court achieving a ruling in our favor. Once this happened, the other side quickly changed their attitude and settled the other issues to our benefit.
— Jeff H.
5 Stars Approximately 2 years ago I was a passenger in my husband's car when we were rear ended at a stop light. After the accident I had x-rays taken at a local hospital, had an MRI done, saw two doctors, went through physical therapy and paid all the bills associated with the physical damage done to my body after the accident. In order to obtain compensation for my expenses, because the person who hit us was underinsured, I made an appointment with Mr. Griff Tonkin. Griff and his staff walked me through a deposition, obtained a settlement reimbursing the hospital, doctors, the X-Ray company for the MRI, and my physical therapist with a professionalism I would expect from an attorney and his staff. His office kept me informed of the status of my claims via phone and email. Griff answered all my questions in terms a lay person could understand. I have referred friends and acquaintances to Mr. Tonkin and will continue to do so.
— Lynn S.
5 Stars I have worked with Griffith on numerous real estate transactions over the 18 years I have been in the business. Griffith is professional, honest, reliable, and knowledgeable. I have also referred many clients to Griffith over the years and they have all raved about his excellent service. I recommend Griffith whole heartedly to all my clients.
— Josh B.
5 Stars In the past 30 years I have worked with various attorneys in several specialties. I think I know a fine attorney when I see his or her work. Griff Tonkin recently completed a business transaction and a personal injury action for me. His work was quick, analytical, and sophisticated. He charged a fair price. During the past month I have referred three of my friends to Griff Tonkin for a variety of matters. I will continue to do so. I can recommend, without reservation, the services of Griff Tonkin Attorney at Law. He is the finest attorney I have worked with.
— Alan S.

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