Battling Multiple Insurance Companies


I want to talk to you today about why you need a personal injury lawyer. Abraham Lincoln reportedly said, "If you represent yourself, you have a fool for a client."

The idea is that you need good advice from an attorney.

How A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You

I want to talk to you about how a personal injury attorney can help you and why you need to hire a competent, experienced, well-trained personal injury attorney.

I Will Illustrate My Point With A Case Example

We recently had the privilege of representing a delightful young lady involved in a devastating head-on collision on one of our local highways.

She suffered severe orthopedic injuries which necessitated surgical repair.

Initially, when we learned about the adverse driver's insurance, it appeared they had the bare minimum coverage required by California law.

However, we delved deeper into the matter.

Finally, we required that the driver and the vehicle owner complete declarations telling us more about the purpose of the trip and whether or not any additional insurance existed.

We had to fight with two different insurance companies to ensure that the underlying policy for the driver and the vehicle owner was exhausted.

This allowed us to move on to the third phase of the claim against our client's insurance company.

When you faithfully pay your monthly premiums to that giant insurance company, you're paying not only for protection if you're in an accident you're alleged to have caused, but also if someone else's negligence in an accident causes you.

This insurance protection is called the uninsured motorist if you're hit by a driver with no insurance or under-insured motorist if you're hit by a driver - like in this case - that didn't have sufficient insurance to compensate our client for the severe injuries that she received.

Once we had exhausted both of the undying insurance policies and determined that neither the driver nor the owner was operating the vehicle as part of a business, we were able to establish our client's right to claim her own insurance company, and we pursued that claim up to the full value of our client's insurance policy limits.

Layer Upon Layer Of Fighting

This is a bit like Dante's Inferno, layer upon layer of fighting.

We did that for our client; we left no stone unturned, and we knew where to look.

We learned to make sure that every insurance policy was exhausted, we knew the questions to ask, and to ensure our client was properly compensated through vigorous litigation with three different insurance companies.

This is just one example of how a personal injury lawyer with lots of skill and experience handling cases involving severe injuries can help you.

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