Soft Tissue Injuries

Common Personal Injuries

I want to talk today about some common injuries in personal injury cases.

Now, people get hurt in many different ways: slip and falls, trip and falls, job-site injuries, premises liability, car accidents, bike accidents, and pedestrian accidents.

Soft Tissue Injuries

People really do get hurt in a broad spectrum of ways, but the injuries can be somewhat common across all those different mechanisms of injuries. Today, I want to talk to you about what insurance companies often refer to as soft tissue injuries.

Now, when an insurance company is talking about a personal injury case that they say, for example, to me, as an attorney, they say, "Oh, your client had just soft tissue injuries."

They say soft tissue injuries are almost like they're not real, imagined, or at a minimum, not severe.

Now, this is absolutely a ridiculous position for insurance companies to take.

Still, if you've been in a personal injury action, I guarantee you this is the argument they will make in your case.

They will say, "Your injuries were only soft tissue in nature."

Well, let's think about the human body and some of the soft tissue structures involved: Your brain, that soft tissue.

Every disc between every bony segment of your spine is soft tissue.

All your joints, ligaments, tendons, labrums, meniscus, and hip labrums, the vast majority of your body, including all your internal organs, your eyeballs, and your hearing structures, are soft tissues.

So the insurance company will argue that basically, "If you don't have a bony injury, an orthopedic injury, that you're not really hurt."

That's a ridiculous position to take.

And you need to work with a skilled personal injury attorney who's used to taking insurance companies to tasks on cases like this, explaining to insurance companies just how severe these "soft tissue injuries" are.

You need an attorney familiar with the anatomy, medicine, and physicians who work in this area of treatment.

So that we can put forward an excellent case on your behalf and get you the compensation that you deserve for what you've been through. Remember, in a personal injury action, something that wasn't your fault happened to you.

You need a zealous advocate on your side to ensure you're not taken advantage of by these big insurance companies.

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