Personal Injury Accidents Involving a Minor


I’m Griff Tonkin. I’m a personal injury attorney and trial lawyer here at the Arthofer & Tonkin Law Offices. I also am a father. I have kids, a lot of kids, and they are a great blessing in my life. But if you’re a parent, you know there’s little else besides your children that can make you worry as they do. When your kids are out there, whether, at school, sports field, or outside your home, I know you worry about them too. Unfortunately, kids are not immune from severe injuries caused by the negligence and fault of others.

Today I want to talk to you about a case where a little boy was hurt quite badly. He was walking from his school to where his parents picked him up on the road adjacent to the school. Many kids did exactly what this young man did because the parking lot was too busy and too full for all the parents to be able to get in their kids at school release. Unfortunately, as he walked with all the traffic, cars coming in and out, and confusion, he was struck by another parent who was then leaving the school. He suffered severe injuries. We resolved this young man’s case for him substantial compensation. But because he’s not 18, something has to happen with his money while we wait for adulthood. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I was 18 if someone had given me a great deal of money that had been held for me, I probably wouldn’t have made great decisions. But this young man had great parents who were very wise, and we were able to structure his settlement through an annuity, which is an insurance product that gains interest over time but isn’t subject to market fluctuations like the stock market.

When this young man turns 18, he’ll receive a little compensation. As he starts college, he’ll receive a little compensation each semester. When he turns 25, his compensation increases. Again at 30, and finally, at 35, he’ll receive hundreds of thousands of dollars because his parents had the foresight to call a good personal injury attorney like those at my law firm. We were able to set up compensation that not only paid for this young man’s medical bills in the past but set him up with a college education and resources for life. If your kids have been hurt, give us a call today. We’re a family-first law firm, and we’d welcome the opportunity to talk to you. Our consultations are free.

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