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Who is at fault in most motorcycle accidents?

Insurance companies will often take the position that the motorcyclist is at fault. However, the facts and circumstances of each case must be carefully investigated and analyzed to determine actual liability. Even the most cautious motorcycle riders on appropriately equipped motorcycles can be hard to see on the road. Further, the injuries that normally occur in accidents involving motorcyclists are more severe. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident please contact our office for a free consultation. We are experienced in handling motorcycle cases.


Motorcycle riders are near and dear to my heart. We ride as a family. I didn’t grow up riding motorcycles. I remember my dad came home when I was a kid with a Yamaha catalog, and there was a YZ 80 that he had circled, and he was looking to get that for me, and my mom took one look at that catalog, and that was going to be the end of my motorcycles as a child. As I got older, fortunately, we lived on some property, and I got dirt bikes for myself and my kids, and now motorcycles have become part of our family. I started in dirt bikes, and now I even have an old Cafe bike sitting in my shop, and I enjoy riding all of them. So in my professional life, we see motorcycles all the time, and frequently the motorcyclist is presented as the bad guy. Motorcycles are nimble.

Insurance companies assume that the motorcyclist was probably speeding, probably doing something wrong on the roadway. I got a perfect example of that. We represent a young guy who’s riding a street bike, and there’s a terrible accident. This driver of a small Honda sedan pulls right out in front of him. He’s proceeding straight on a busy, three lanes in each direction, surface street, and she’s on a side street, has just left a gas station, a large gas station, and convenience store, and she turns right directly in front of him. The front end of the motorcycle collides with her vehicle, just past the front left tire of her car, and he is sent flying through the air.

Fortunately, his injuries, while serious, were not life-threatening or life-altering. He was able to make a full recovery. But when dealing with the insurance company for the driver of the Honda, they took the position that my client was speeding, and he was adamant that he was not speeding. Fortunately, he called us early, which was important because we could preserve evidence immediately. So we were able to contact the owner of that gas station, and we were able to get the security video that looked out past the parking area for the convenience store and onto the roadway. We got an obvious view of her vehicle, her turning maneuver, and our client. And we could see that not only was he not speeding, but he was also going slower than some of the traffic around him. She just made a driving mistake, she pulled out directly in front of him, but the accident was entirely her fault. So because we got involved early and were able to get that security video, we were able to show that our client was not speeding. We’re able to get him compensation for this accident because the insurance company had taken the position that it was entirely his fault and they weren’t willing to compensate him at all.

Our team, really proud of our work, was able to turn the tides entirely in this case. We want to give you the exact help if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle or any vehicle accident. And it’s crucial that you call us as early as possible so that we can try and preserve evidence. Give us a call. You can check us out on ourwebsite, and you can contact us there, whatever is easiest for you. We stand ready to help.

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