Accident While At Work

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after a car accident that is not your fault?

Just because you know immediately that an accident is not your fault doesn’t mean that the insurance company for the other driver or drivers is going to agree with you. It is not in the best interests of the adverse insurance company to immediately accept liability for an accident. The adverse insurance company may refuse to make a decision and instead claim it is investigating the accident for several months. A skillful and experienced personal injury attorney can help bring an uncooperative insurance company to task promptly.

Is a work injury a personal injury?

Work-related injuries may fall into multiple categories of law. If someone is injured on the job by the negligence of someone outside of the company or business then the injured party may have both a worker’s compensation and a personal injury claim. The relationship between workers' compensation and personal injury law is complex. If you have been injured while on the job call our office for a free consultation to see if we can help you with your legal needs or if we need to make an appropriate referral to trusted worker’s compensation counsel.


Our client was involved in a terrible accident while he was driving in his work vehicle. Fortunately, some bystanders who had seen this accident were actually able to help get our client out of the vehicle, which had caught fire. They saved his life, but he had a long road of recovery ahead of him. And just as he’s beginning this long road of recovery, he finds himself caught in a fight between insurance companies where these insurance companies look like the old Looney Tune cartoons, where they’re pointing fingers at one another. But it was our client who was being left holding the bag as these insurance companies tried to blame the other company, and no one was taking responsibility for our client, his medical bills, his wage loss, and the changes, dramatic changes to his life. We got involved, we got to work.

Here’s what we did, we used our knowledge of this complicated area of law, which is the interplay between workers’ compensation insurance, automobile insurance, and underinsured motorist coverage, to ensure that the right insurance company was held responsible for paying what was owed to our client. They were trying to take credit for bills that other companies paid. They were trying to force blame on the other companies and say that certain charges were responsible for other insurance policies. This insurance company’s position would have resulted had we given up hundreds of thousands of dollars of compensation that our client would have missed out. But because we wouldn’t give up, because we fought side by side with our client, we made sure that this insurance company paid what was owed and that our client was correctly compensated for what was hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed wages, medical bills, and changes in his life.

It’s important when you select an attorney, that you select one that is aware of the interplay between all of the different type of insurances under the complicated California insurance scheme. If you’re not sure if your injury is strictly worker’s compensation or strictly personal injury or, like this case, I’ve been talking to you about crosses over between both, give us a call. Our consultations are free, and we’ll help you navigate these waters. If you need another attorney, we’ll help point you in the right direction if you need a worker’s compensation attorney. We’re aware of other excellent attorneys in this area, and we can help you. The consultation is free. Give us a call now.

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