How Personal Injury Lawyers Make Your Life Safer

What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do To Make Your Life Safe?

What do personal injury lawyers do to make your life safer?

We all hear a lot of lawyer jokes, and lawyers take a lot of blame.

You even hear about frivolous lawsuits.

One famous example is the lawsuit in which the lady got burned by hot coffee at McDonald's.

That's quite an old case now.

Everybody thinks this lady got a cup of coffee, got burned, and somehow got millions of dollars from McDonald's, but nobody bothers to tell the rest of the story.

See, that case is older.

This isn't the day before cup holders.

So she got the coffee handed to her through the drive-through window and put it between her legs.

She was wearing pants that were made of thicker material, so when the lid popped off the coffee, that material held that liquid, that hot liquid, against her skin, causing severe burns, which required skin grafting and weeks of hospitalization.

Here's the rest of the story.

That coffee was served by McDonald's at a temperature near boiling.

Internal documents at McDonald's date back years.

They discuss how their coffee was served hot and too hot, far above industry standards, and recommend that it be served at much cooler temperatures.

This wasn't just someone out to get something for nothing.

This wasn't just a lawyer trying to get money for nothing.

This was a person who had been severely burned, hospitalized, and hospitalized for a long period, all because coffee was served at near boiling temperature when everybody else in the industry didn't do it that way because it was unsafe.

These Standards Have Been Pushed To Greater Safety

Lawyers have made your life much safer in ways you don't realize.

Every car you drive is materially safer now because of the work of personal injury lawyers to hold car manufacturers accountable.

Your airbags work differently.

You have seatbelts.

Your seatbelt seats do work better.

You have analog braking systems, electronic stability control systems, cars with crumple zones, and cars better engineered to withstand rollovers.

These standards have been pushed to greater safety because of the work of personal injury attorneys who discovered that car manufacturers, for example, were cutting corners or adopting cheaper engineering solutions.

So, personal injury lawyers aren't just a bunch of ambulance chasers.

We're trying to do good, meaningful work for our clients that makes your life safer with products you use daily.

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