The Use of Video Footage in Personal Injury Cases

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I'm Griff Tonkin, one of the partners here at Arthofer & Tonkin Law Offices.

We're the litigation law firm that handles personal injury cases only.

That's our specialty.

Importance of Hiring an Attorney Early

I want to talk to you today about the importance of hiring an attorney who will actually put boots on the ground for you.

What I'm talking about is investigating your case.

It's not always clear exactly how a personal injury occurred, whether it be a car accident, a falling accident, or any other way people get hurt.

Modernly, we have a proliferation of videos. Everybody's got a video camera in their pocket in the form of their smartphone.

There are video cameras on the front of many people's houses, including Ring doorbells, and there's security video footage of most businesses.

And oftentimes, the security video shows not only inside a business but also outside of a business.

Case Taken

Today, I want to talk to you about several case examples from matters that were currently or have recently resolved here at the Arthofer & Tonkin Law Offices where video footage became key and how, because of the work of the attorneys here at this firm, we're actually able to get that video page and prove our client's case.

In a recent case in a large city that we handled elsewhere in California, there was a dispute about who had run a stop sign.

Our clients said they had not run a stop sign and that it was the other driver's fault, and then, of course, the other driver said just the opposite.

However, we could canvas the area where this accident occurred, and ultimately, we found a homeowner with a Ring doorbell.

Well, that homeowner was gracious enough to let us view the footage, and it showed that, in fact, the other driver had not only run the stop sign but had done so at a high rate of speed, causing a very severe collision.

Our client's vehicle suffered significant damage with full airbag deployment throughout the entire vehicle.

As attorneys, we knew that the force present to cause that kind of damage was significant, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, this video must have been worth 10,000 words.

It was completely convincing to the adverse insurance company and their attorney about just how severe an impact our client had been, and in turn, once we knew that the impact was as severe as it was, we not only established liability against the other side, but we also establish our causation argument.

That is, this accident was serious enough to cause dramatic injuries to our client.

With this video footage that we took the time to find, we were able to prove the seriousness of our client's case and obtain significant compensation for our client.

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Suppose you've been injured in an accident. In that case, it's important that you call a quality personal injury attorney like those here at Arthofer & Tonkin who can get into your case right away and preserve that evidence, including that interesting video evidence that I just told you about.

Contact us. We'll be glad to help you.

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